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Subwoofers? Yes or No?

This is one question every DJ would always consider when they have to splash out some cash on speakers or when the DJ feels he or she needs more "bass" at a party.

So what do I think?

YES!!! Get a subwoofer 📢

Subwoofers would always improve your low end frequencies (the bass) by over 110% because #subwoofers are made specifically for low end frequencies (bass) and your tops (normal speakers) are built for high end frequencies (vocals and tweeting).

So, if you combine a subwoofer with a top, each cabinet would give you the best of both the low and high ends.

Now you ask me what subwoofer should you buy?

Click the links below to watch my video reviews for three different subwoofers (#RCF and #Behringer) on my YouTube channel.

  1. RCF 750 AS-II Active Subwoofer

  2. Behringer Eurolive B1800XP

  3. Behringer Eurolive B1500XP

So that's it folks. Remember, if you do have any topic you want me to discuss or talk about on my blog, just leave a message in my comments section below.


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